Top Mainstream Tattoos-Tattoo Design Made Popular

Top Mainstream Tattoos
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Top Mainstream Tattoos-Tattoo Design Made Popular

Top Mainstream Tattoos, The popularity of shows like LA Ink, Miami Ink, and West Side Tattoo show just how widespread the mainstream tattoo market is. What began with one, the surprisingly successful reality show has inspired spin shows, linked with emotion, and somewhat concerning the tattoos. What is still apparent in these shows, all drama aside is that people want designs that have meaning and importance, and go much farther than the exterior level of the skin.

Top Mainstream Tattoos-Star-Studded Ink

Kat Von D would seemingly not be famous if not for her body art. Even her guest appearance turned into a show; the technique would only perform a small role in the plan of things. This idea is just how it appears to be in Hollywood. Other stars are popular for their ink, including Angelina Jolie, Johnny Depp, Eminem, 50 Cent, Pamela Anderson and many more. Just attend a basketball game in the NBA, and you'll recognize full sleeves designs and extensive tattoos plastered all over the skin of the players. What you have to ask is it the status of having artwork that makes them get one, or is it the tattoo that transmits into the person added fame?

Top Mainstream Tattoos-Compelling Urges

Exhibitionism is not new to the social aristocracy of the world. Many of them were going to be famous from the beginning. Adding a tattoo to their collection may have been another way to get recognition or separate them from the others in their profession. Some people though, don't want body art to noticed. Like Justin Timberlake for example. He was famous before he started getting his tats. Lenny Kravitz is another musician that supplemented body art to his already successful music career. David Beckham wasn't able to make more points because of his exceptional ink; he did that instinctively. Tattoo designs can even emphasize an actor or performer, and intensify their look. Take a look at The Rock. His big muscles and charm took him from competitions to wrestling and into performing, and the tattoo designs he preferred made his muscles leap right out and grab your attention.

Top Mainstream Tattoos-Bold But Not So Beautiful

There are those offensive tattoo ideas that could have been and should have never be. Most notably was the tribal facial mess up by Mike Tyson. He was a famous before but looked like a weirdo afterward. Even his loving, kind guy image he is portraying now can't hide the stupid choice of tattoo design he chose. Cher's choice of a butt tattoo merely applied on a shriveling canvass. Britney's tattoo decisions certainly did not help her maintain her sanity during her meltdown. Same goes for her ex-hubby. Kevin Federline, try as he may, couldn't use his tattoos to promote his singing vocation or help him dance any better. Sometimes it just doesn't make sense to waste good ink.

Top Mainstream Tattoos-Stay True to Your Self

It is easy to follow the masses and want to imitate those people that we see as successful. It doesn't mean that we have to believe in everything they do and wildly act impulsively in the same way they have. Tattoos are excellent and can bring joy to your life. The adventure of choosing a design, the excitement of showing up for your appointment, the chill felt when the buzzing machine starts to fire up in the hands of your artist.

Top Mainstream Tattoos Summary

The effort of getting what you asked for and the intense pleasure of looking at your freshly inked skin is all part of the process. Be sincere to yourself, and be intelligent. Get a tattoo because it is actually what you want, what you feel in the cavity of your stomach. Choose a design and artist that knows you and enjoy getting your new tattoo!

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