Timelaspe Tattoo Full Sleeve

Timelaspe Tattoo
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Timelaspe Tattoo

Timelaspe Tattoo I'm running a little bit late but Davey is defining everything up now so I need to go get an Uber and go to Hollywood and get this Timelaspe Tattoo I'm so excited but first deny hello are you able hook me up with some some ibuprofen were you two gonna say something else because we can't say that I dislike the ache but I'm so excited so fell off your top shape eyelid up let's go convene dee dee so I'm here with Davey and we're going to do the Timelaspe Tattoo now I'm really nervous it's good or alive we're in it this is the design over here is that's a final product this is the final product look at that and then this is the stencil uh that's an air right there not gonna so it's a bear it's a skinny birth skinny birth vegan back wing quick-witted he's gonna travel get the stencil and we're trying to figure out where to set it because like my arm

There's not really enough chamber for you on my limb because we don't want to put it in like stip here so it really did one on limb but I didn't want to threw it on this one we'll figure it out yeah majors hydrate guys I don't need my hands through that hat racist okay start on that path we're gonna lower this here we go to get prepared get is Lamaze exhaling yeah because it's gonna kick in in like a half hour - dude I've never seen one before remember make anyone you never had that yes we have to find out like the analgesics good just like a basis in real life stimulant it up yeah all about his stimulants yeah she's just gonna add it out the duties when she screams yeah so it's gonna happen I never wept Oh we're kind of like what you think halfway done it's been good guys did a good artist I'm demonstrated in so far the end then is the worst duty so it's good thing she has it that's not just talk look it's me I'm just like an image look he's not real no to notice all right we're gonna keep on proceeding yeah we got this stirring some advance we sprayed me with the back team such money she's rushing me now like now I try to do a two and a half hour her just know hours 27 minutes and what change is a dictator it's literally been been five five hours five hours of Timelaspe Tattoo we've talked about everything we know one another really well now dedicated truly a scoop on not tender people he told me about tinder guys I never knew these things person needs to guide her you are familiar with she's like I she's like a tour guide without a fucking map you know somebody to teach me things in life yeah well her motorist plummeted her off at a good home yeah anyway she sat really well I'm really swollen my arms genuinely swollen-headed yeah might be able to pump iron for a couple days delight to pay for running a new pet we're in the homestretch I'm fighting various kinds of I thought it does that's tough stuff hard not this is real life true life right now it's your life I can't take another minute I've been I'm in pain hold it maintained it straight for momma just got a good illuminating this is why we we got finished with the tattoo "youve said" Tahoe we're gonna get some gestures for that yeah I want to get more natural lotion you supposed to get Aquifer I don't like that she doesn't listen to her artists so yell at me you five hours from tattooing her but then yeah I was I was so good that was like five or six hours it was a long time but you're supposed to get aquaphor for the record okay so let's keep walking right um this over here yeah oh you only want Barstow you just what nonsense it no I like the foaming kind this girl is not listen to her have you done it for this way we're so long I would not lead you astray on feel like he's contributing me astray people well I'm testing you right now this is no tutor would really uh-huh we're supposed to like what like that seems so much harder daughters I actually want to be teachable and I genuinely want to do a good job all different report but I genuinely don't want to at the same time hello rivers if that's what you're really called is that really your epithet is Lee very good last nighttime at all and I never do when I get any sorts you but at the same time I merely don't sleep well here in general because there's so many people and it's loud and stuff so I'm like ever tired I wanted to give you a little updated information on the Tahoe this is um first healing day number one and Davey did an amazing undertaking it was awesome hangout and he's a great person he's been one of the most wonderful people I've ever met very simply caring about people though it's gooey but Darius he's Mike he's my little friend so excited to happen it was awesome to be on the collab with with Davey that's the update Timelaspe Tattoo

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