Tattoo Sleeve Ideas – Hot Tattoo Designs

Tattoo Sleeve Ideas
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Tattoo Sleeve Ideas - Hot Tattoo Designs

Tattoo Sleeve Ideas,  Tattoo sleeves are trendy and now numerous people are running to their neighborhood tattoo parlors to get sleeved. Nevertheless, they are undertaking a tremendous responsibility. Careful planning is a must, so the images flow and don't end up looking cluttered with something tossed together with little thought.

Tattoo Sleeve Ideas Size

Tattoo Sleeve Ideas, One of the primary things to contemplate is to pin down the dimensions of the design.  There are a variety of measurements to be considered.  Most typically when a person says sleeve tattoo, it brings images of full sleeve design. But, there are additional sizes, and the area should be one that fits the plan.

Tattoo Sleeve Ideas Types

  • Full Sleeve - As discussed earlier this is the traditional sleeve tattoo that everyone thinks of first. It crosses from the wrist just a little above where a shirt sleeve would fall. Then it continues upward toward the shoulder and stops. It almost always ends right where the hem on a t-shirt is that connects the sleeve to the rest of the shirt. In some designs, people go beyond this into a shoulder or chest tattoo. This plan is standard with something like a monster coming up the sleeve and toward the breast and ribs.
  • Half Sleeve - A half sleeve tattoo typically goes from the shoulder down to the elbow region and envelops all the way around like a full sleeve. The only difference is it stops sooner.
  • Quarter Sleeve- This pattern is sometimes confused with other ones. However, it is most often known as a quarter sleeve. The areas from the elbow to the wrist has an image made on it. One of the most popular quarter sleeve tattoo designs is a flame which goes around the wrist and then comes up toward the elbow.

Tattoo Sleeve Ideas Design

Once you have your size the next issue that comes to mind is the design. Often people start with some ideas of what they want. Be it a tribal design, traditional Japanese composition or any design what so ever. Once you have the proper idea of what you want to get then, it is just a matter of finding the resource materials. You can find these quickly in source magazine, online or in real life. Frequently the tattoo shop will have a tremendous amount of flash to see your ideas. If you feel more comfortable with finding your thoughts at home, it will take less time at the studio. Find images of tattoos and save them to your phone so you can show them to your tattoo artist. He will more than likely have some more ideas of his own.

Tattoo Sleeve Ideas The Artist

The last piece of the puzzle is finding a fabulous tattoo artist and someone that is willing to work with you on your plan. You need to explain what you want and give your resource examples to him.  The designs that you have previously found that you would like to include.

Tattoo Sleeve Ideas Summary

You are not in any way committed to the plan, but if you give the artist some samples, it will make the process easier. Be willing to consider some suggestions since it will take a lot of time if you are also indecisive Decide what you want and relay this to your artist.  Most tattoo artists take satisfaction in their work and want happy customers. It is an advertisement of the artist's works to wear a tattoo. If you had a pleasant encounter, you would tell everyone who did the artwork and tattoo.

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