Khmer Tattoo Designs-Cambodian Tattoo Ideas

Khmer Tattoo Designs
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Khmer Tattoo Designs-Cambodian Tattoo Ideas

Khmer Tattoo Designs, Tattoos of Cambodian characters are strikingly elaborate and fascinating. They are pretty, enticing, intriguing and perplexing in ways that have grown in notoriety, and the history of the art is wealthy with social heritage.

Reaching back hundreds of years, the history of Cambodian art covers many mediums which include illustrative human-made objects as well as textiles, stone-carving, and paintings. Originating in the mid-20th century, a culture of contemporary architecture occurred in Cambodia, although in the later 1900's both classical and modern arts decreased for various reasons, including the murders of artists by the Khmer Rouge, a former ruler.

Khmer Tattoo Designs Pop Culture

Khmer Tattoo Designs are recognized in pop culture such as in Angelina Jolie's left shoulder tattoo as seen most notably in the movie Wanted. What most people don't realize is that Khmer is the Cambodian script, and language, so these specific tattoos have much more to it than just a beautiful design. This particular script represents a long Cambodian history often associated with the notorious and bloody communist regime led by Pol Pots in 70's responsible for the massive millions of waves of murder, torture, and starvation. Such incredible history as behind Khmer is what inspires such tattoo designs and demands nothing less than perfection.

Khmer Tattoo Designs Script

The script is often preferred lettering when it comes to tattoo designs so when considering this type of plan, do not all take it lightly and ask yourself these questions:
Do I believe in this quote/name/word/etc.?
Does this design evoke emotion every time I see it?
Will I feel the same way I do right now about this design as I will in let's say 30 years?

Khmer Tattoo Designs Summary

So when considering this type of design, keep in mind the heart and spirit of the Cambodians and have something you genuinely believe in such as Angelina Jolie has with the Buddhist Incantation written in this script. Get a design true to yourself that you will be proud to wear, something that can be a center of a conversation that describes with a story that always fills you and those around you with enduring emotions.