Face Tattoos and Tourettes

Face Tattoos
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Face Tattoos

Face Tattoos Hey guys whats up its Jack Francis again Ummm( Tic) you were waiting for that weren't you I just wanted to explain as so many people have been asking me why have I get look tattoos so I mean, obviously because of my Tourettes and all I guessed I would never get a normal chore well I know for a fact( Tic) screaming yes, things like that (****) I will never work a normal job yeah, I felt why not in my face I necessitate, I love tattoos Its artistry isn't Its artistry I got sobbing babe here because I dunno I intend, I guess I am only an emotional person( Tic) I guess, I used to well I kind of am a bit of a sob babe this trident here, doesn't really mean anything( Tic) I have got an exclamation mark and question mark here( Tic) Let me take my glass off I feel like this constitutes almost my Tourettes Face Tattoos and the way its Its only( Arghh)

If that establishes sense Its almost like I am uttering everything and Its questionable as well at the same time hence the exclaiming differentiate and question mark 24 on my appearance( Tic) Its a 2 over a 4 thats the age I am going to die I likewise have the words cursed here and blessed here reason to the reasons why I get cursed was originally because I dunno, I guess I felt like my tourettes was almost umm a affliction put upon me( Tic) If you know what I necessitate Its almost like I am demonic, almost like I have been owned In a space or cursed and people would ever say to me, why did you get cursed tattooed on your face I would be like, I would explain why and they would say, truly you shouldn't treat it as a curse you should treat it as a blessing and so I envisaged why not get Face Tattoos on my head so I did another question people always ask is how do I keep still with my tattoos well the truthful provide answers to that is, I dont Im extremely ticcy when I get my tattoos done because obviously I am in pain and "thats one" of the trigers that sets off my tics but basically, I always go to the same tattoo artist who is familiar with my tics very well with tourettes, a tic Is almost like an urge( Tic) I can feel it coming almost If that establishes sense( Tic) so I know when Its happens now( Tic) the majority of the time anyway I simply tell the tattoo artist to pause and he will pause and pull the tattoo gun away and then we will carry on the face and throat tattoo( Tic) he did have to call someone else in to literally pin me down as you can probably imagine that wasn't that pleasant but yeah and thats the story of my face tats make sure to follow my Instagram, associate below my Twitter, my Snapchat etc etc Facebook, Myspace, Bebo, Ping It If any of you guys want a shout out In my next video make sure to comment on one of my Instagram posts comment on my latest Instagram picture, three times In a row.

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