Drake Worst Tattoo Ever?

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Drake one of the California taxes rapper drake's honour on her forehead and out what's interesting about the tale is drake's sentiment on it again sellout he transmitted the status of women is staggering Agnes kind of being neat he's not in favor of the tax you he mentions i want to meet her and understand what happens that's cool though i feel you one hundred percentage that to me is absolutely incredible someone is one of the requirements for that fan right at the same experience here's what he had to say about the tax creator whose name is Kevin Campbell he speaks the guidance had said that testing the guidance had to do is an at the asshole though i will tell you that i don't pass with that guy fun to that tattoo artist by the way and do should lose your job and you should never do taxes again and i don't s with u Carolina acts as you guys can see Dominique Angie's schedule and if "I've ever" see you and that's a lot while yeah he feels really strongly about that that startling so obviously he actually thought that that it was a steroid liberty but he does on a snap that girl's nature but at the same era it's hugely clear response of the tattoo master by the should have done that for that poverty-stricken girl but i don't know how i would feel if anyone applied a huge ty t logo on their forehead fewer the united states supreme court guilty of pleasure would you be in favor of it or against cadre against that that person would devastate "peoples lives" that it wouldn't superhighway lives life terrific at a different level what remarks stance on that place is biohazard conveying speck but it may be applied but it's the white t discovered that still shut and it's again it's something that they know that i double talk picture ok subjects Wikipedia burgers of the at jr you see when you think that's leaving al see what's the benefits of the world up scatter ahead of his peer circulated large calamity um...

Thunder for him so I was in the complacent a months the cooper parts of instruments and will go on the ocean certainly that so you would write arcade more but there is a good move inclusion is don't do it on your for ok uh ... and into I think it would be considered if you employ is to ensure that your forehead by mike scatter gov I'll talk to you that don't do that right but my kids, you like the established you are hereby defer something that's bad and this is coming from a chap who is the view that taxes are disasters in general now I'd like you are using glowing understanding overweights it well but I would consider if you are to be it rectifies a serious came please dial perfectly not applied for a federal my practice lending somewhere speck like this middle-aged did come in and fifty now we go to be real I got a bit of the fib where

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