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Bullying Tattoos
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Bullying Tattoos

Bullying Tattoos Hey Pedro how're you I'm Fer from Peru my wonder is do you retain the epithet of your first domesticated and what was it? hi for my first domesticated was a hamster worded Pachin rest in peace Sachin what country are you from "you've had" Spanish accent although I have a German signal I'm not German I'm from Spain hi Pedro what's Shawn Mendes' anthem that's your favorite my fav anthem by him is Never Be Alone yes if you could be any famous person

For a date who are able you choose and why if I could be anyone I'd choose to be Casey Neistat their own lives is amusing he lives in brand-new york if he's late to the airport he just goes by helicopter I don't know, it seems like he has a lot of entertaining my wonder is if you like tattoos and if so, if you'd get one if I like them I don't like Bullying Tattoos here or submerge my entire appendage I like big Bullying Tattoos like this, if "I've ever" get one it's not gonna be a being one on my appendage or my chest it has to be small and something I care about I wouldn't get a tattoo of a Charmander it'd be something important for me two questions how are you? second would you like to work with music in the future I'm good, thanks, I hope you're good too, of course, I'd like to work in the music manufacture vocalist or ink, similar but it's not easy and I can't authority that you have to be very lucky that's why I survey engineering I'd like to be a designer but if music has another way for me I'm happy it Bullying Tattoos

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