Brazilian Tattoo Artist Has No Talent Drawing

Brazilian Tattoo Artist

Brazilian Tattoo Artist

Brazilian Tattoo Artist Sick and tired of the same age-old tattoo designs that everyone seems to have come read Brazilian Tattoo Artist Helena Fernandes and she'll repair you up with the ugliest most unprofessional ink you've ever seen the Brazilian Tattoo Artist, 26-year-old artist from Salvador da Bahia Brazil is the proud founder of new Fiat Ona a dwelling studio provisioning what she describes in Portuguese as catchy origins Paiva literally trash tattoos with complete integrity the girl can't draw to save her life.

But she exploits this absence of skill to carve out a niche for herself as a purveyor of unique and original ink not only has Fernandes proceeded viral for it she's managed to build a successful business with dozens of five-star re-examines from happy patrons as well as over 12,000 Instagram followers check out some of her better worst labor and tell us know if you'd volume a flight to Brazilian Tattoo Artist to get one of these delightfully horrible tattoos put on you for life and I can't say we're going in the end in my when you girl Booyah the narrative is finite tell me bro and I can't say where I've been where I'm going in the end and I can't say when you come calling right where and flair and I can't ah and I can't say weapon where I'm going in the end and I can't say where are Biggie if you liked this video please give it a thumbs up and tell me that you think in specific comments likewise perhaps consider to subscribe for more videos like this and as ever thank you for having to watch

Brazilian Tattoo Artist Helena Fernadez has been tattooing so many and with her following, she will probably continue to have a large following. If you want one of her tattoos you will have to go to Brazil if you decide to get her tattoos.

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