Ancient Druid Symbols in Modern Celtic Tattoo Designs

Ancient Druid Symbols
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Ancient Druid Symbols in Modern Celtic Tattoo Designs

Ancient Druid Symbols, Strictly speaking, the Irish, the Scots, and Welsh are the Celtic people. These are the old civilizations that have been in existence around the British Isles since olden times. They have a rich culture and history that dates back years and years. Interestingly, their culture has experienced a resurgence in the popular culture of today. This is quite alright since the art of the Celts makes
for interesting Celtic tattoos.

Ancient Druid Symbols-Hidden Meaning

True to its roots, these designs are steeped in hidden meaning. The images are attractively abstract. Lines twist and turn and go back on itself to make exciting and meaningful patterns. Popular Celtic tattoos include these stylistic patterns:

Ancient Druid Symbols Patterns

  • Knots - interlace patterns of stylized knots are not only used in symbols, but also in architecture and sculpture. These knots are the most famous one of these designs. It is said to signify the continuity and interconnectedness of things.
  • Spirals - Akin to knotwork designs, but minus the interlacing line, these whirls, and whorls of patterns are a fascinating remnant of Druid thought and culture.
  • Mazes - The Celts also built mazes and labyrinths. These patterns are in carvings, stonework, and metalwork. They are now part of the repertoire of any good tattoo artist.
  •  Zoomorphic designs - Knots that use animal forms of hands, feet, legs, bodies, heads, and tails that are incorporated or placed at the end of the whorls of lines are called zoomorphic designs; meaning animal-shaped.

Ancient Druid Symbols Astrology

Then there are the Celtic astrology symbols, which are also being used by skin artists to further expand their portfolio of designs. The Celtic crosses are another one of the favorite forms. All of these ancient and heavily-laden-with-meaning designs of Druidic and Celtic origin are now a part of our modern culture.

Ancient Druid Symbols Usually Small

These Celtic tattoos are usually but not always small designs, inked in the middle of the upper back, the lower portion, or on the arm. Some ideas incorporate other elements, such as flower patterns and other such images. Not only the Irish, the Scots, and the Wales people use them now. The popularity has spread worldwide.

Ancient Druid Symbols Summary

The image of Celtic tattoos are in the collective memory of modern man, but the meanings behind it have not. If you are a wearer or a fan of this art form, it would be a good idea to have a more in-depth knowledge of these symbols. Then you can honestly wear the tattoo you have with pride borne of understanding and comprehension.

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